antioxidants (these ones?)

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has anyone else tried this mix ? my local health food store say they sell alot of this product to people after cancer treatment..
it's called"barleans greens"
it's an instant powder mix of:biogreen10-1,flaxmeal,ricexricebran,spirulina,cholorella cgf,icelandic kelp,nova scotia doulse,astragalus,schizandra,parsely,spinach,acerola juice,rosemary extract, green tea extract, curcumin extract, plant enzymes, mixed cartenoids,stevia, vit e.
i was scared to try this , but i felt so fatigued that i decided to. the only thing i notice is my bowels are now regular and i do have a little more enregy but im also taking multi-vit with minerals and c and e.this product cost me 32 dollars and maybe im foolish to try it.. i just feel somewhat desperate i guess, it's a months supply but im only taking it half as much as it says to..any input would be appreciated! thanks everyone......kathy ps. im 6 mos away from chemo and 3 1/2 from radiation stage two


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    Hi, dear, your mix sounds wonderful to me! You might try a real good B comples, as this will help your energy and tiredness. I know it is expensive. Try Wal-Mart if you have one around or Costco. They are cheaper. Hugs and best wishes from your sister, Shirlann
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    I tried this, but it has a grainy feel in your mouth and since the chemo, my throat just refuses to swallow something like this without gagging. I hated I couldn't use it because I had heard good things about it, instead I gave it to a sick neighbor. IT cost me about the same, but I didn't charge my neighbor, I had rather she have it than throw it out!
    Good luck and God bless you,