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Hi Jamie...just saw your post about the weight problems. I gained weight during radiation because I got so tired, I just layed around and ate. So, when I finally said enough is enough, I started on the Zone Diet. It is very easy to follow, and once you learn the portions, you can make up your own menus. I also bought a Richard Simmons Sweatin' To The Oldies video, and made myself start doing it 3 times a week. I am hypothyroid, so have not much of a metabolism. But, I have lost 32 pounds since January 1st, and I feel great, and am not hungry. When we go camping or something, I just try to be careful, and make sure I have the reasonable portion of protein, lots of veges, and a few carbs. I am not one of those who measures things...I just followed the plan. I don't even remember the web address, because I do it on my own now. But, it you search for zone diet, you will find their official site. It tells all about it, which honestly, I didn't even read...just went right to the diet part. It's more like retraining your habits, and it's all normal food. You can pick and choose what you like, and it even tells you what you can eat at fast food places to stay within the plan. The Zone Perfect bars are very tasty, and can be used as meal replacement. I also stick in a Slim Fast shake once in awhile for a breakfast or lunch, but I put it in a blender with crushed ice, and make a real thick shake out of it....eating it with a spoon makes me feel like I'm eating more. The 8 glasses (or more) of water a day are a big part of it, too. You lose m ore on days when you get all your water. Since you are cutting down on fat, I tend to be constipated. The Dr. told me to take citrucel daily...comes in a tablet, so you don't have to taste it. I also take a stool softner some days. I feel great, love the way I'm starting to look (I have about 15 more pounds to go), and it really has been sooo easy to follow. When I added the aerobics, I really started dropping the weight. Fast walking for about 40 minutes 3 times a week works just as well. I wish you luck with whatever you try. It's not an easy thing to lose weight, but once you see the first few pounds go, it's motivating! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! e-mail me any time...I won't be online much til after the 4th because we sell fireworks, but if you e-mail, I will try to answer in a somewhat timely manner. After the 4th, things should slow down! Cyndi [email protected]


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    Wow ... Thanks! I'll email you. Jamie
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    jmears said:

    Wow ... Thanks! I'll email you. Jamie

    I'll be waiting to hear from you! Have a great evening...Cyndi