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HI. I had my excisional biopsy last Thursday. The surgeon reported that nothing popped out at them during the surgery, and now have to wait until Wednesday to meet with him again. I feel good, and the biopsy was easier than I expected. I felt you all there with me after I woke up and hope I can be there for all of you in times of need. This site is a blessing for everyone who needs it. Thank God and all you angels who give and give when you are already tapped of strength. You are heroes. Love to all, Marcia


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    Hi Marcia! I'm so glad you followed up to let us know how the biopsy went. Hopefully the news will be a-ok on Wednesday. For what it's worth ... my surgeon woke me up in recovery to tell me I had cancer .... there was no waiting ... so hopefully, no news is good news !!!! Hang in there!! Stay strong!! Dance!!! love, angie
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    Glad you let us know how you made out. Now we hope for the best. You were lucky and put to sleep, My biopsies were done under LOCAL anestesia only, although I did'nt feel all of it, was pretty up tight. Oh well. Hope all goes well for you. think positive and stay strong. If you need us, we are here for you. Take care and god bless.....Love Emmi
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    Hi Marcia, I will keep you in my prayers that you receive good news. The waiting is the worst !! Be strong. God Bless, Karin
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    nasa2537 Member Posts: 311 glad to hear things are good so far. One step at a time! It drives you nuts to think too far in advance, so just focus on the next appt. In between, enjoy every moment so you can keep a positive attitude. God bless, Cyndi