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HISTORY: A portion of my intestine near to the anus was removed in 1999. Because the remission was over in August 2001 I went through 28 sections of radiotherapy and 6 of chemo. In Feb of 2002 I had 60 sections of Photo PH with internal temperature of 60 ceusus degree. AT THE PRESENT: Because the cancer is near to the anus, my doctor suggests that the anus must be removed although there is no sign of metastasis. MY QUESTIONS: If the surgery is performed I will have to live with the colostomy forever, otherwise, according to my doctor, my survival will be up to one year. I would like to hear experiences from people that had performed this type of surgery, how they are coping with the colostomy and from those who had decided not to do it.


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    Hi. I had a "resection" done almost 4 yrs ago.
    It is a big surgery. I had a stage 3 tumor (rectal) and I don't think the outlook was terrific at that time. That was in 1999. Today I am cancer free with no further problems. I have a permanent colostomy and can live with that.
    It beats the alternative.
    I have a scar that extends from hip to hip but it has faded and is hardly noticeable.
    I live a normal life in spite of having a colostomy. You can irrigate them when your surgeon gives the O.K. The bowel can be re-trained and most people do not need to wear an ostomy appliance on normal days.
    I am guessing that your surgeon may be fearful that the tumor/mass may reoccur. You may want to ask him about this.
    I hope that this has helped you.
    Feel free to e-mail me at any time.
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    Hello I am new to the group, I am so glad I found all of you. As far as your question in January of 2000 i was diagnosed with anal canal cancer. I went through an extreme aggressive 35 treaments of radiation and 5 days 24 hours a day of chemo a month in between, then another aggressive 5 days 24 hours a day of chemo. I denied the last bag because of the extremly horrible side affects of both the radiation and chemo. I was 1 year and 7 months cancer free. It came back only worse this time, my only option was to have a permanent colostomy, or die. I am 36 years old and have a wonderful husband who has been by my side through all of this, and our 4 children. I watched what it did to my family as i deteriorated going through the radiation and chemo, and radiation burns (which I have permanent radiation burns internal/and external) It tore me apart to see what my children and husband had to endure. On March 28th of this year I had a permanent colostomy. I also suffer from Biolar Disorder which did not help my moods or self esteem. It was that or die a very painful horrifying death, sorry that was not in my plans. I am doing well with the colostomy, I have some down days that it does affect my mood swings, but I am alive today. I am currently writing books for children and teens. And I do always wish/think there could have been something anything but a permanent colostomy. To be quiet honest with you it was more of a vanity issue for me than anthing else. I am married to a wonderful man, who even though I have a colostomy makes me feel sexy, and that I still light his fire. His love for me is unconditional, the bag bothers me, but to him it is not even there. He went and bought me a new wardrobe to aggree with my new best friend. I Thank God I am still alive for my children, my writing career, and most of all for the man who loves me for who I am not because of my colostomy. God has blessed me in many ways, and for that I am eternaly greatful to him!
    I hope my story may have helped you in some way, and I look forward to a new found friendship. May God Bless you in your decission and the outcome, please keep me posted.
    Sorry it was too lengthy, and I hope I did not bore you to sleep LOL :0)
    Please e-mail me anytime.