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I am 4 mo post mastectomy, finished with chemo(praise the Lord!!) and back to work. Trying to get my life back on track. I am not finished with the expansion of my breast, Dr says I am going a little slower than most but that it is ok. I has a wonderful recovery from the surgery, no complications and the Dr was amazed at just how fast I did recover but now as I am getting bigger, close to the end of expansion I am in so much pain I can hardly stand it. The las two have really been bad. Sharp stabbing pain in my chest all the way back to my shoulder blades and down my arm. In the mornings when I wake up I cant even sit up in bed. Yhe doctor says some people experience more pain than others. Have any of you experienced this kind of pain with expanders??


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    Hi Chastity,

    Wish I could tell you I had that much pain with my expanders, but no such luck. Mine was just more of a pressure thing and would go away in a day or two. Try and tell the doctor the pain is just too much. They should be able to do something. Sometimes you have to stand on your head to get their attention. Keep trying. Ask him (or her) for names of other patients to talk with. I know we don't want to seem like whiners, so (myself included) we just put up with the doctor's pat answer. That much pain just doesn't seem right. Good luck. Maybe the doctor can back some of the fluid out and see if that gives you some relief.

    God Bless,
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    Hello Chastity, I have a expander in now and the saline bag is filled. Now I have to wait six months for permanant implant..THe first fill they asked me if I had pain meds. and gave me prescriptions for some ,so all night I waited to be in pain,,NOTHING !! I was so excited,thought what a piece of cake,then a week after the fill I woke up in wicked pain,,never been in so much pain,had to take the pain meds. then,it lasted a few days. The second fill wasn't so bad at all..I still get sharp pains here and there ,the doctor said it was because they moved my muscle on top of the expander!! I have had right arm pain since mastectomy so dont' think that is from expanding...The more I seem to use my arm the more pain .Isn't the expander annoying ????lol..lol..i hear the permanant one is much more comfy,,,lets hope!! Best of Luck to you on your road to recovery.....God Bless,karin