A Date to Chat

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I plan to be in the Chat Room 6/15 & 6/16 at 8:00pm Central Time. I have yet to see anyone in the ChatRoom so hoped an invitation would encourage someone to join. I know it's a busy weekend, celebrating Fathers, etc... but I'll be there if you want to visit. --Julieann


  • pancho
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    Well too late I got on line almost at ten oclock,but I'll try tomorow and chat I want to thankyou for all the words of encouragement and you can't imagine how helpfull they've been to me.Just in case I don't make in the chat room in time thankyou very much,laterPancho..
  • bobz1
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    Im here,you still on line
  • julieann
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    bobz1 said:

    Im here,you still on line

    I'm still here - these time postings are getting me all mixed up (even tho I'm not blonde!)