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Julieann you said you had Taxol and carbo?Well thats what I had on my chemo today,but they told me it was an experimental drug,well it worked for you so hopefully it'll work for me.What stage was your cancer when you recieved Taxol and carbo?Did you have to ask for the radiation or did they had as part of your treatment?Because my cancer is spread through out my right lung and limphnodes and they havent yet mentioned radiation as part of my treatment,Well I'll keep in touch and see how this treatment works for me.Thankyou Pancho.


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    Pancho, I wish you the best on this treatment. I had four trmts of Taxol & Carbo (over a 4 month period) before the tumor had reduced enough for the Radiologist to feel comforable targeting the area. He gave me LOTS of warnings about the possible effects: tissue/muscle/nerve damage, etc. which scared the bejeebies out of me! But we proceeded and all went well. My tumor is confined to the rt upper lobe and there was involvement of the mid-chest lymph nodes at the time (I've never been much for figures - so I can't report the Stage or statistics!) My Onc. referred me to the Rad. when the tumor & lymph responded well to the chemo & he felt my health & stamina was good enough for more trmt. I was told it was an aggressive approach. It is worth it to ask your Dr. Each person is different - but I do believe there's always an option. Give the Taxol & Carbo time to do its magic! Best wishes - Julieann