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hiya,ladies, hope all are having a better day than i am. i woke up with a headache this morning, a side effect of the Armidex. i haven't eaten breakfast yet either. i know i need to eat but nothing looks good and i just don't feel like eating (another side effect--loss of appetite). my hubby also woke up sick. it seems he's picked up a virus or something. he had to come home from work after only 20 minutes. he works in a car lube place where he's out in the heat all day so he shouldn't have tryied to go to work in the first place. i hope this day gets better. :( God bless. Vicki


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    Hello Vicki, sorry to hear you are feel lousy today !! Just hate those days..all these side effects from the meds....are a pain big time!!! I hope you and your hubby get to feeling better today. God Bless .Karin
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    Hope you and your hubby are on the mend and will enjoy some of the day. It is very hot here in Vancouver BC breaking records from as far back as 1967, way back when I was a wee lassie. It is about this time that I have to hide the blades or I will start shaving the hair off oh how I remember being so cool, even though I looked like a bowling ball. But it is amazing how hot the head gets even with the little hair I carry on up there.
    I was at the doctors and they have decided all my problems are of the mind. It sounds like I should be happy I am doing this well after 5 years of survival. Guess they really hang onto the percentages when looking back over the years of your survival.
    I am working hard to get back to work in a week or so unless they actually found something the matter after my last attack. I hadn't been to that doctor yet. I think I have seen enough doctors now to last me a life time.
    Be well and start getting out there finding ways to help yourself because it is left up to us in the end.
    Love all you ladies,
    Be good to yourself always,
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    Know how you fell,I had chemo yesterday, feel lousy today. All this stuff we have to go thru. Try to eat something, I have this thing for cottage cheese and mandarin oranges, never ate that stuff before. Tastes good, even jello. Keep yourself highdrated. Hope your hubby gets better too, wish I could run over to visit and help you. Take care of yourself it will get better.God bless you both.
    Love Emmi
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    Hi Vivki...certainly hope this finds you feeling better by now, and that your hubby is on the mend, too. Hope you're having a better day! Hugs, Cyndi