Flying during chemo

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Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has flown during treatment. I would like to fly between the 3rd and 4th AC. I only have 4. I am not going to fly on my low count days. I was just wondering if anyone had experienced weird side effects up there that we aren't experiencing down here. I have 2 good weeks during treatment and don't feel like being a prisoner during that time. Once this is over and it is back to work, and there won't be any time for travel then. My doctor said it was okay, but I just would like to hear some feedback. I also would like to know if anyone wraps their arm in a sleeve for lymphedema purposes. I have heard mixed things about that. I hope all is well with everyone. My prayers and heart goes out to the way I would be traveling from FL to PA. It would be nice to get away from the 1000 degree temperatures, so maybe this cat I have to wear on my head now wont be so HOT!!!!


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    Hi. I did not fly during chemo, so I couldn't give you any advice about that. I have heard about ppl wrapping their arm though ... and I think I heard they do that if they are flying ... something about pressure ... really I don't know. You shold ask you doc about that though. I've never done the wrapping thing ... just gentle exercises with that arm to keep it from filling up. I hope you have a safe and fun trip! I know the feeling about the hot weather ... I'm in NC and we have been burning up lately ... with no rain in sight! Have a great trip. angie
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    I flew after my 5th AC, and it turned out very badly.... I developed a fever of 104 during the flight and was rushed to the hospital immediately upon landing, where I remained for more than a week. I received so many transfusions of platelets, but just kept burning them up! This came upon me so suddenly, I didn't realize the danger I was in until it was over. **However**, I am certain it had nothing directly to do with flying per se. Still, I would advise caution. If I had it to do over, I would postpone a long flight (unless of course it's absolutely necessary).
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    Hello. I don't know about flying but I do know about lymphedema. My arm swells very badly. I go to a lymphedema clinic. It's wonderful. I wrap my arm in bamdages every night and wear a sleeve durning the day and it keeps the swelling down. Judy
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    I don't know about flying during chemo, but I just had a lumpectomy and some lymph nodes removed and the doctor absolutely refused to let me fly. And it was to my son't graduation. She said the risks of lymphodema and infections (airplanes recirculate air, so the air is laden with "germs") were not worth it. Especially since I have to have a second surgery in another 10 days. So do check with your doctor.
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    Can't help you with flying during chemo treatment since I only had radiation after my lumpectomy. I flew from CA to AZ between by fifth and sixth weeks of radiation. I did wear the compression sleeve during my flight as a precaution against lymphedema. People with lymphedema says it worse than having BC. The swelling and pain never goes away.
    If your doctor gave the OK for traveling, I sure would go for it. You deserve some time off and fun after all you've been through. Have fun!!!
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    I flew from Baltimore to Florida during chemo. I had finished 4 AC and 2 Taxotere ... I went during my good week but I took shots of Nupogen throughout my treatment to prevent low counts since I went to work everyday. I noticed I had a strange thing with breathing. It was like my breathing and heart rate were fast. It was a little frightening but it didn't last long. Later during radiation I flew from Baltimore to California and I really felt it and for much longer ... the flight was much longer. I went to Florida in February (all treatments done) and I was great! If your Doc thinks it's okay I think you'll be okay. I did not use a sleeve but I only had 9 nodes removed ... what does your Doc say about that? Good Luck .. have fun! Jamie