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Hi all: I have just gone back to work after undergoing treatment for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I have been out of work for eight months. I know that my focus should be on my health and I try. The trouble I am having is not getting caught up in the politics of the office and not focusing on work. I have a daughter and a husband too. As I write this it seems stupid to me to even think I would be putting so much energy into my work but I am. I know that I shouldn't and I know it is wrong for me. I just don't know how to stop it. Is it denial? I am working on finding a happy medium because I don't want to focus on my health all of the time but I don


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    I think that it is wonderful that you have gone back to work and yes, even normal to fully want to submerge yourself in your job. Before the cancer, you had a whole life, and yes, nhl really takes over when it hits, but you cant live for the cancer you have to live for you. I may be wrong but I dont think that being busy or over exerting youself can increase your chances of getting sick again. I think it is the exact opposite. With my dads cancer, he gave in, never worked again and this had negative effects on so many other aspects of his health, but not his cancer. And eventually, the weakness from his innactivity did prove to effect the cancer because he was too weak to fight it. So, you go and live your life to the fullest. Maybe you are in a little denial, but i would guess just trying to get back to normal life, and that isnt wrong, yes, you had cancer, but now you have life....best, best wishes, and dont be so hard on yourself.
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    Hi Lia,
    I went back to work 2 months ago after being off for 7 months due to treatments for leukemia. For me, going back to work has been a very positive thing. I am still part time (24 hour/week) but it has really helped take my mind off the disease and the worry of relapse. Sure I'm a little different than I was before, as I don't really care about the gossip, but I think what annoys me the most is when someone is complaining about being sick because they are hung over or tired because they went out late the night before, and I just think sarcastically, yeah, poor you... Best wishes, Lisa.
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    Hello there,
    I know it must be hard to get back in the race. I know but I still worked through my breast cancer treatment, but it is different now. And like you I can't stop just going for it. My job and my perfection is something I thrive on and it make'sme feellike I am doing something good. I work so hard and just finished treatment on 01/2002. Chemo and radiation and my breast is real angry at me right now, but I just have this inner place that has to keep up with the big guys. I am a manager at a financial company with about 80 employees and I just have to prove myself, besides it keeps my mind off what may come back again. At least I know I kicked butt on the road to it and that gives me confidence along the way. Don't worry about it returning because if it did you sure wouldn't want to look back and say you didn't make a stand, kick it's butt by moving on!!! We have a special quality that other's who have not been through something as devistating as this have. This happened to OUR bodies, others don't know how that feels. Co-workers look at me diffrent now, they see my strength and they have told me. Balance it! hugs...Julieanne