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Hi. Thanks to Angie, Shirlann, and Emmi for your responses. I never thought of it as a good thing, I guess, but when you said it may be too small and they are worried they won't get enough, it clicked with somehting the surgeon said too. He did not feel a biopsy was necessary at all and does not consider what he feels as a 'lump', but due to the calcifications it is necessary. I was nervous writing to you all, feeling like you would resent me because I don't know anything after you have been through so much. Now I am so relieved that I dared to write. Thank you so much, I am so scared and will have to wait over the weekend to find out anything. The waiting is what drives me crazy, as I always think of the worst possible scenario. Anyway, you are wonderful people and thank you so much. Love, Marcia


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    Hang in there Marcia, let us know how you make out, we will be thinking of you and keep you in our prayers. Take care.
    Love Emmi
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    My dear Marcia, please know you are always welcome with anything that pops in your head on this board. We are here for you just as much as each other and you are our sister, enfolded in our fears, grief and love. We all stand together, sister to sister, to share your worries and help when we can. It will be crowded in that waiting room, because we are all with you in spirit, hoping and praying for the best news! God bless you, hugs & kisses, Shirlann
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    AMEN!!! hope the waiting room is really huge so we can ALL fit. everyone will wonder what you are smiling at because they can't see the army that surrounds you. we are all here for you! God bless. Vicki
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    Hi Marcia...I know your post wasn't directed to me, but felt the need to respond. Don't ever feel that there is anything you can't say here. No matter what you've been through, it still is dealing with either breast cancer or the possibility of it, and it is all very traumatic. Just having less done doesn't make it any less traumatic for you. So, you speak up any time! We're glad to have you aboard! Hugs, Cyndi