Prematurely Ending Chemo After 2nd Recurrence

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Hi Everyone. I was diagnosed with BC Stage 0 DCIS in spring 2000. Had lumpectomy with 36 radiation. Recurrence in spring 2002 (Stage 1 invasive, node neg, HR neg) followed with bilateral mastectomy. Onc said I could either not have chemo or have 4 AC regimes. Had my first AC 5/31 with taking the A on a 72 hour pump. I was sicker than a dog and swore I would never do that to me again. I had a mediport inserted prior to the AC and am now scheduling to have it removed and stop chemo. Anyone out there who had similar diag and did NOT have chemo? How are you doing? Any regrets NOT having chemo? I am 44, mother of 2 young daughters and want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. :(


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    Hi! I had 12 high dose rounds of a/c/f in 1998. It was rough. I kept wanting to quit, but each time, I would look at my children and know I had to keep going....and I made it. If your doc thinks you need this chemo, I would encourage you to continue, because it will end. Perhaps the doc could give you some different anti-nausea meds. I would talk to your doc and make sure you are making a very informed decision. At the same time, it is your body, your life, and you are the one that has to live with the decisions you make. I am sending happy thoughts and prayers your way to help you in your decision. Good luck, hang in there, be strong !!!! We are all here for you!!! May God bless you today and always, angie
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    I know chemo is tough but the thought of not being around to see your daughters grow has to be your main concern. I would talk with the oncologist and see if there is some other medicine to help with the nausea, there really are drugs that work. God Bless and good luck on our decision.
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    What a tough decision! Node neg stage 1 usually doesn't call for chemo ... but since it is a recurrence and you are HR neg (I assume that is estrogen negative) maybe chemo would be beneficial. I was dx in fall 2000 with stage II negative nodes, her2/nue +, and estrogen +. I did take 8 rounds of chemo and 7 weeks of radiation ... and luckly because I'm estrogen + I take Tamoxifen ... I wanted to feel like I did everything possible ... I'm 44 too and I expect to live at least as long as my Grandfather who is 90! Good Luck with your decision. Jamie
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    I am sorry your were so sick with the first bout. I was fortunate enough to make it through the chemo, nauseated but not sicker than a dog. I took the antnusea meds mostly but found I had constant mygrane headache most of the time. I was stage 3 with lymph node involvement so pretty much knew there was no onther choice for me. I just know that one has to look at it realistically and do the best you can do to raise your odds for existance. I had a son who was 14 at the time and it was then I realized that I was the only secure thing in his life at the time, being through divorce many moons earlier. But most of all I knew I had to do it I could feel it deep within me.
    Mary you have to choose which is right for you and take the time to be comfortable with your decision.
    Being good to ourselves is the key.
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    We all know its a tough decision to make. It is the second time around for me too, I am stage one DCIS node neg.and ER neg., that's why I chose rads (34) and chemo, going tomorrow for my 3rd round of chemo,(CMF) you have a lot to live for, do everything you can, there are no guarantees either way. I wish you the best with whatever decision you make, its your life and your body. God bless you, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Love Emmi