Thanks to all for your support !!

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Thanks to all those who have responded to my questions and concerns. This website has been awesome for me. Just to be able to hear from others who have gone through this whole ordeal makes it a little easier,when getting good results how much it means to have others cheering on my side.I also have chatted with a few of you and it was wonderful.I will keep you all in my prayers and God Bless each of you!!


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    that's what we are here for is to laugh, cry and help each other cope with what's happening to us. i haven't been here long but the closeness(is that spelled right??) that is here really surprised me. i didn't think i would be able to be too personal when i first started but from the very first response to a post i found that i couldn't help it. with some that i have talked to, more than others, it feels like i've known them for years. God bless. Vicki
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    I know what you mean Karin, talking to people that know what its like, they understand best. This bunch of gals have been great for me too.Take care....Love Emmi