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gee i am having a really bummed out day. my mother is back to psychologically torturing me. my husband and i went to the girl who past awat friday memorial service. unfortunately the minister who did the service attacked me sexually but i didnt care i wanted to be there for the family. the guyb did lousy job. at a eulogy you are suppose to remember the person whpo died. he glorified himself well it got back to my family about whati said and my mother is like a rebid dog. fwhat am i to do????i am at my eworst end.



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    Kelly, sorry to hear that you're having a bummer day !! It alot tougher having those days after all we have gone through. Thats terrible about the minister, you just stated a fact,that he did a lousy job! everyone has a right to their opinion ..Don't let your mom get to you, stay strong . God Bless!! Karin
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