Funny story!! or nottttttttttttttttt

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I just wanted to share a story with all of you. I just got back from my 6th round of taxol and I was sitting in my chair for a bit while my twin 4 year olds were watching a movie. My duaghter comes in says look mommy Michael is making my hair just like yours and she hands me a big chunk of her beautiful blonde curls. I was so upset at him, but he looked at me and said she just wants to be just like you mommy!!! I had to smile!! :):):) Everyone have a great day!!


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    Oh my goodness ... that is so sweet ... funny ... and sad .... all wrapped up into one story! I loved it!!! I hate she cut her hair ... but how sweet her reasons!!! Give her a big kiss for me for being such a sweetheart! Have a great day!!! love, angie
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    That is so cute. I can just picture that and it brings a smile to my face. My almost 2 year old sees my wig that I hardly wear and touchs it and says,"Momma??" like..what is your hair doing here. So cute. Good luck finishing your Taxol.. I will be starting that after my baby is born. Kinda nervous but.. will get through it. God Bless you.
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    What a cute story ! kids are wonderful, they bring smiles to you even in bad circumstances. My four year old wears my wig,that I wore twice, and says"i got your hair on mom!!,,they are so funny..god bless,karin
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    I had to travel back and forth to Va. to be with my mom during her treatment. For her first chemo, we stayed 2 weeks, so I had to take my kids with me too. Not knowing for sure when it would happen,I tried to prepare my son (he was 5 at the time), that grandma might start losing her hair while we were there. Well, when the two weeks were up,we had to head home, and she hadn't lost a single hair, he was sooooo upset! He made her promise over and over to call him the first minute it started to come out, AND to send him a picture! I was horrified, but my mom thought it was hilarious.
    Kids are kids - gotta love'em. And remember that your daughters hair will go back too.
    P.S. I can remember my brother cutting my hair on several ocassions--for no good reason!
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    Every kid seems to cut either their own hair or a sibling's at some point or another. But for the reason your children did it.....I know what you mean. It had to be a priceless moment, as well as a mad-mommy moment! How do you deal with that? You certainly have precious children! Have a good day! Cyndi