dealing with loss

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I recently lost my father to non hodgkins lymphoma. Although we knew this cancer would get the better of him (he had other health issues) we never expected it to happen so quickly. One week he was doing very well and the next, he passed away. I live in Italy and was not able to arrive in time to see him one last time. He died of sepsis (an infection of some sort, they were very vague and we didnt ask for an autopsy) Anyway, I am having significan trouble dealing with this, especially now that I have returned to Italy and dont have my family near me. I was just wondering if anyone has any words of advice on how to make this easier, I have never lost anyone before and guess its harder since my first loss was that of a parent. I would welcome any advice or support, thank you so much. LeeAnn


  • coondog
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    Put his smile in your back pocket,
    place his wisdom in your mind,
    and his love into your heart.
    There is no easy way, I am sorry.
    But, believe it or not time does heal.
    Good luck, and remember you are still here,
    enjoy what you have.