New Drug for Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

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My mother (age 75 and 55-year smoker) was just diagnosed with Non Small Call Lung Cancer - Stage 3B, it has spread to lymph nodes. Our Oncologist is recommending a clinical trial using a drug called Vinorelbine (Navelbine). Has anyone had any experience using this?
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    I am sorry that I have no experience to share but I am very interested in the responses of others. I am scheduled to begin Navelbine on the 17th although my Dr didn't refer to it as a clinical trial. I have had previous chemo & radiation over the past 2+ years. I have the impression this treatment is used when a tolerance has been built up to previous chemos. There are so many combinations being used in chemo--it's impossible to compare apples to apples... But I hope you'll ask questions of the Dr; as you have prompted some questions for me to ask. I hope your Mom is comfortable and you can give her some peace in your search for information.