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I am just at the beginning of this nightmare. I am fortunate to have had a lumpectomy and no lymph node involvement. But still they think radiation and Tamoxafin (sp?). My questions is this. The surgeon's receptionist told me about the "same day" release and that within a week I'd be able to go back to work. I could barely function, even after my official 23 hours, and am still exhausted, dizzy, unsteady of my feet, in pain when I try to do any small task. Am I odd? I don't understand why there is such a difference between these "easy" stories and what I am experiencing.


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    Hi, There is quite a difference in everyone's recovery process after surgery. I will admit that even though I didn't suffer from dizziness and exhaustion, I felt more discomfort after the lumpectomy than after the mastectomy. Everyone's system reacts differently to pain and to the medications given. Another factor could be the amount of tissue removed during your lumpectomy. Still, it might be good to inform your doctor of your side effects and see if there's something that can help you have a more comfortable recovery. I'm glad you have no lymph node involvement. That's great news.
    Take care and keep us posted.
    love, judy
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    Hi Georgeann! You are probably responding to the anesthesia and pain meds as well as what your body is going thru emotionally and physically! Don't push yourself! You will be fine! You may just have to take it a bit slower!We all react to things differently so DON'T compair yourself to others! Good luck! Keep us informed with your progress. HUGS!! Cathy
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    I am sorry you have to be part of such a thing as this cancer world. I had a surgeon who said that after my mastectomy I would only need tylinole 3's cause it doesn't hurt very much. As I listened I wondered how he could say that, we hadn't done the procedure yet and I don't think he had ever gone through the procedure himself. I always have to remind people no wonder so sore think about all the nerves involved in the areas they are touching. I think people especially in offices and in hospitals should watch what they say unless they can speak from experience and even then we are all different. No two people act the very same. I remember just the needle biopsy on the golf ball sized tumour that was so painful I wondered how I would make it through the mastectomy, but we do. It will take time to heal and will be sore. If it continues talk to your docotor.
    Hang in there, you have found a place where so many are willing to share thier experiences hoping to ease the fears, pains and stresses of others.
    Be good to yourself, is the best you can do,
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    My first week after Lumpectomy was hard. I had never had anestisia before and it took awhile to get that through the system. I had very sharp stabbing pain in my breast when I would move around. It got a lot better when I had the drain removed. I did stay off work another week because the DR insisted but I felt much better. Give yourself time. Everyone is different ... thank God ... so everyone will respond differently. Good Luck. Jamie