Mom has lung cancer

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Hi all:

I am not new to this web site but new to the lung cancer posting. I was diagnosed with Non-hodgkins lymphoma last Sept. I finished all of my treatments in March of 2002. I am in recovery. In May, my mother got diagnosed with lung cancer and was told treatment is not an option. She has six moths to a year. When I was sick, my mothe never once came to see me (she lives 15 miles away) and hardly ever called. It was my in-laws that came to take care of us. My mother also said some horrible things to me while I was sick. We have never been close. My Dr.'s tell me that I am still recovering and that I need to stay away from her because she is so emotionally draining. I've tried to help but it is never enough. I struggle with the guilt of not being there and what she is facing. I am still so tired from my treatments and I have a child and a husband. I just can't go to her and help it is so taxing. I have lots of friends and am a very giving person but my mom is so demanding. Any suggestions?


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    If me, I would send cards, letters giving support and telling her how much I love her EVEN with the differences over the years.
    I find to many people hold on to the negative feelings to long. It may be more fear on your mothers part that seems to be coming through.
    God Bless
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    Just remember that you can never turn back the clock. You need to forgive and forget. Life is just to short. Let go and let God.You do not have to go all day everyday. When you are feeling strong just take a moment and pray and let the Holy spirit guide you in your search for your answers
    Never give up.The old saying is " two wrongs to not make a right ".Just lost myfather in Jan 2002.Only 65.
    May God Bless as you as you search for the answer and truth.