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I apologizeto Isaiah4031thank you for the prayers Jane.
to Pray2, to bdeanthank you also for the prayers, sorry about your mom, how old was your son? that had to be the worst nightmare.
to Tarathank you for caring, we are so, so, ok. and am sorry to know you are Ill again.
hope you are feeling better.
to pijunsis, started on A.C. and have one treatment of taxetere ac made me sick and week for a week at a time, the taxetere makes me feel like i've been run over by a bus, lots of bone pain, but I only have 3 more and I will be done.(I hope). so I won't complain.
now to all that sent emails to me, sorry, I'm not to good on this puter and I forget to check for email on this site, please forgive me.


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    Your discription of the effects of Taxotere made me giggle!! While I've never been run over by a bus ... I'd have to agree with your description. I took 4 AC and $ Taxotere. As soon as I went the extra week after the last chemo I began feeling better. It did take sometime to get back to normal but one thing I noticed was I didn't know just how bad I felt til I started feeling better ... Anyway ... hang in there you are a very strong lady. Good luck. Jamie
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    Hi Flo....just wanted to wish you well, and let you know there are prayers going out for you. You're right....chemo won't last forever, so try to focus on that. Sorry you have to hurt!! Love to you, Cyndi
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    Sorry to hear you are just doing so, so. You are always close to my heart. I am coming around after three days of hell. Can't help feeling like I have just been nocked back a peg or too since I have been doing so well. It was very disappointing after all I have done and how well I was doing. Oh well back on the horse and go for another round. Remember Grandma you and your husband might find you are doing that allot, I hope you can feel all the prayers surrounding you.
    Take good care of yourselves,
    Love to you Flo