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I have been bleeding during my bowel movement for at least 10 days, it's gotten alot better, but for the first 7 days, I would bleed so much that the toilet bowl if filled with red water. And occassionaly it happens even when I urinate only, but the bleeding is not as bad. My doctor asked me to take stool softer (Colace) and use Preperation H. And I have been drinking prune juice and eating prunes. Does or did anyone have this problem? I am in between my 2nd and 3rd AC treatment. And I will be getting my 3rd one in 2 days. I just want to know if anyone else had this and how they deal with it, because I don't want to have this problem when I am really sick from this coming treatment. Thanks guys.


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    OH YES ... I took Senakot every day during my chemo and still had constipation which lead to bleeding. It got really bad just before my very last chemo (had 4AC & 4 Taxotere). For a couple days I was just bleeding all the time ... not just on the toilet. My Oncologist sent me to a Gastroenterologist and she wanted to do a Colonoscopy the next day. She found hemmoroids and diverticulum. I took some suppositories for several weeks and followed a healthy diet and while I still had consipation the bleeding (and pain) cleared up. Oh ... the wonders of chemotherapy. I still take Senakot regularly ...I think Tamoxifen is constipating. But ... things could be worse. Your doctor seems to have an understanding of the problem. Good Luck. Jamie