Breathing exercises

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Does anyone know of any good breathing exercises I can do. I have had the left lunb removed. Thankyou in advance for any suggestions.


  • mbsurvivor
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    I was given a breathing exerciser when I was in the hospital and continued to use it when I came home. It helped. The name on it is AirLift. Maybe your doc can arrange to get you one. It is small and pretty easy to use. Of course it is easy for me now but it helped me back when I had the upper lobe of my left lung removed due to small cell lung cancer on 08/14/00. Let me know if I can assist you further.

  • nsclchelp
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    My mom has lung cancer.  We found that these exercises (developed by a lung cancer pulmonary clinical nurse specialist) help improve her breathing. You can find them on youtube and search "lungexercise".   Hope they help others.

    Best wishes