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Hi my name is Nordie. I am 44 and my dad is 62 and has cancer.He has been given less than 6 months to live. I am having a hard time coping. I can't seem to concentrate and I am scared for each day that passes cause his time is getting closer. It seems I can't do enough for him. How do you get thru this. It sure does hurt.


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    It sure does hurt. My mother was 76 when she died last year. By the time they found it, she had less than 3 months to live.

    I got through it by taking one day at a time, and yes, by doing as much for her as I could. It never felt like enough, and others I've talked to say they never felt it was enough, either. Just do the best you can, and accept that you won't be functioning at your best during this time. Somehow I got through it. If you're religious, I'm sure prayer will help a lot.
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    Nordie, you are doing just fine. These are normal feelilngs. You both are unsure of each day except that you have each other for as long as possilbe. Just be there to listen, help and comfort. This will be of great reassurance to your dad and leave you with pleasant memories after.
    God Bless