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sorry i have not written in a long time. but with the busy holiday weekend and all im sure you all understand. i havechemo on the 6th i have been tired but beside that fine tHANK GOD for Eric he has been great he keeps me sane.i really glad he came in to my life best wishes my prayers are with you Laura


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    hi, honeyb!
    hope you're having a good day today. Tues. my hubby, our son (8 mo.) and i went to a TX Rangers game. we only live a couple of hours away from Arlington but we stayed in a hotel and got up weds. and went shopping then came home. just the three of us and had some "get away family time". it was great! hope your chemo goes well. will be thinking of you. God bless. Vicki
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    Hi...glad to hear you're doing well, and remember....the tiredness will pass. The chemo doesn't last forever, so focus on the fact you will be done at some point, and will slowly be able to get back to a "normal" life (is anyone's life really normal??? LOL)!! Have a good day, and prayers are with you for your chemo to go well. God bless, Cyndi