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I have now finished 17 of 33 treatments. Radiation burn began after second day. Doctor started treating it as infection--"no one reacts after two days." After 10 days on Keflex and 5 days on Cipro she admitted it was probably radiation burn after all and offers notes to work, to my husband about no housework, and pain pills to sleep. Like those take care of the problem. Have no problems sleeping--great way to close out life--except I don't really have time to sleep (work, home, 19 house animals who, like little kids, need their mommy).

Developed small blisters over the weekend (three under the big breast and two in the armpit--sting like a b____ without AC--almost look forward to work again). I have 8 more days of overall radiation and 7 after that of targeted radiation. All I've been told I can use is corn starch and a lotion called Eucerin. Any suggestions?


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    Hi My name is Judy. I had radiation 5 yrs ago and I did the same thing. I burned so bad that when I took my clothed off the skin cane with it.I know the pain you are having and my heart goes out to you. It will get better. They gave me some cream for burns for mine. It has been so long that I can;t remember the name of it,but ask about some cream for burns. If you want to talk more my e-mail is [email protected]. Will be glad to talk. Judy
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    I am at #26 out of 30 and I started burning in the fourth week. I was not burning on the outside, but on the inside. Doc said the same thing - I had an infection - sent me back to the surgeon who said it was the radiation, not infection. They are all nuts! I just try to listen to my body and trust my own instincts, they are almost always right. I also have a great GP and she validates what is going on with me. Hang in there - everything I have read and heard is that everyone is different. Take care of you - hugs
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    I have Aloe Vera plants growing in my yard. I break off a leaf anf scrape the gell and put it in at night. It's too sticky to whear to work. That seemed to help more then the other stuff. Give it a try.
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    Hi! My radiation onc told me to get a lotion called aquaphor. It worked very well on my burns which were significant to say the least. I also used alot of ice packs to help numb things. Good luck to you. Hang in there. angie
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    I have a friend who got blisters under her radiated breast about the size of silver dollars. Our radiation oncologist gives out Aquaphor ointment, which is very greasy, but does help heal it. The corn starch helps keep it dry, but the Aquaphor really does more for the healing. Unfortunately, it took a long time to heal. It did start getting better when they switched to the boost (targeted) treatments. She put the Aquaphor on real thick at night...wear something old that you don't mind getting greasy. If the oncologist doesn't have it, you should be able to buy it at a drug store. I certainly wish you well. I didn't get very bad blisters, but I did start getting pink by the 3rd day. Shows how much they know, huh??? Let us know how you're doing. Cyndi
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    Hi my name is Emmi, I finished Radiation 1 month ago, had burned a little, my ONC.gave me aquaphor ointment also and did the BOOST and then finished overall radiation. It helped a lot with healing. Best wishes... Emmi
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    Give yourself a break.. i did 35 treatments and got so badly burned that I had to take a week off from treatments.. i did my last 10 days after taking a week off..
    just a suggestion...
    Good luck
  • Give yourself a break.. i did 35 treatments and got so badly burned that I had to take a week off from treatments.. i did my last 10 days after taking a week off..
    just a suggestion...
    Good luck

    bad radiation burns


    I too had bad radiation burns and had to take a week off. I was just curious if you had any type of reconstruction after that.  My skin is so tight there, and doesn't seem any exercises loosen it up. I had to have implants taken out because of infections, and am thinking of getting the lat flat surgery for reconstruction. If you had reconstuction I am just curious how your radiated side turn out? Thanks for any info.