Electrolysis question

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My friend Anne has been recently diagnosed. She is a couple of weeks away from surgery and one of the many questions she has is around shaving after she has lymph nodes removed. She has heard that she won't be able to shave under her arms, and wants to know whether electrolysis is a good option.
And, does she need to do it before chemo or radiation (like the dental work she's having done now) or can she wait until afterward?


  • jeancmici
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    Depending on the radiation area, many woman never have a regrowth of hair under the affected arm. She can use an electric razor with no problem. Electrolysis in my opinion is overkill. She will find that her underarm is not top priority as she goes through treatment.

    I wish her good luck.
  • banker
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    I agree with Jean, Electrolysis is a bit to much. The hair grows very little or not at all during chemo and radiation. Electric wet/dry razor should be OK, that's what I have been using since my lymphnodes have been removed 3 years ago.Hope this helps, good luck and take care.
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    Hi...I cannot feel my underarm, but do shave in the mirror, and have had no problem. I was only told not to shave during radiation, because they are already irritating the skin to begin with. I've had no trouble shaving since then, though. I never thought about electrolysis....let us know what she decides to do. Best wishes to Anne, and thanks for caring about her enough to write in! God bless, Cyndi