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doesn't anyone like to go to the chat room???? i've only been able to talk once. (thank you Tara) but everytime since it's always been empty. i'm there several times during the day (central time). come visit. God bless. Vicki


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    Yes Vicki most often if one person is in chat it is I. I have found if you just sit and wait eventually someone will come along. I think for those who are not that happy with the chat system on this site write and ask them for change so that this chat room will be useful and user friendly. I have written and have recently found out that they are going to change the site and the chat room will go through some changes as well and look forward to any ideas others may have. Lets make our chat a place for people to come to get instant support.
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    yes i saw that is empty also i like to chat but mostly just read it cause i dont type very fast
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    katabo said:

    yes i saw that is empty also i like to chat but mostly just read it cause i dont type very fast

    hello, just wanted to tell you that there is another chatroom for cancer survivors and there is alot of wonderful women who chat in the evening there. its at ,its great to chat with women who have gone through what we have or are going through. Look forward to chatting with you some night. Karin
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    Is there some magic to getting in the chat room? When I click on "chat room" I just get returned to the same discussion page. Am I missing something? Do I need some special software? I am often awake very early AM (eastern time) and wouldn't mind chatting.
    Thanks Judy
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    Hi Vicki,

    I'm with you all the way re: the chat room, I myself have tried several times with no success, I also would love to chat, what is your story, I had a left mastectomy with reconstruction the same time, will start fills next week, Bev
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    Hello, just wanted to let you know if you go to,there is a breast cancer chat room there and you will find women in there chatting. I know there is a chat for tonight at 9 p.m.eastern time..would love to chat with you there. karin