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Hi everyone,
I am having trouble finding a mastectomy bathing suit. I tried Lands End, but the smallest suit is too big. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Dept store? Most don't seem to have mast. suits. Thanks.


  • lucy
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    Hi Cathy - Just wanted to let you know that I also could not find one anywhere. So, one of my friends sewed me a pocket in my bathing suit that I have been wearing. We cut the bra cup off an old bra and she sewed it in for me. Works great with no problems, and my prosthesis fits in it real good. Good luck. Lucy
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    Hi, I don't know where you live, here in the Buffalo and Rochester area there are several specialty shops that sell all kinds of mast.items. Do you have a chapter of ACS in your area ? They should be able to provide you with a list.Also you can get a catalog called TLC, I got mine at the oncology clinic where I get treatment. The e-mail for TLC is :, you can view items that way. Their phone # is 1-800-850-9445, you can order 24 hrs a day. Hope this helps you. Reg. department stores don't carry suits for us people. But check with ACS in your area. They should be able to give you some info. Emmi
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    Hi Cathy,
    I did the same as Lucy, sewed a bra cup in my own suit. It worked fine for me, too. I do have the TLC catalog but didn't find a new suit I liked that would fit me. Also, maybe it's just me but in the department stores this year, I have seen a lot of suits that I thought would be able to hold a pocket with a little sewing. I did have 2 suits, but I don't think my other one would have been supportive of the cup and prothesis so I tossed it out. It didn't contain as much lining to attach the cup to. Good luck and take care.
    love, Judy