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My older sister, who is 41, had a mammogram that showed scattered micro-calcifications. She also is complaining of a lump in one breast that is painful. I had scattered micro-calcifications and was diagnosed with DCIS/LCIS last fall. Her doctor has told her to come back in 6 months. Furthermore, they are not going to do anything for the lump. they think is a cyst and do not want to treat it at this time. What is everyone's opinion of this recommendation? Given my history and her increased risk, shouldn't they be a little more concerned? (also, my other sister has had two benign lumps removed frmo her breasts)
I welcome your opinions. I do not want either of my sisters to have to go thru what I have been thru and I want them to vigilant.


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    Hi! I also had DCIS! If it were me, I'd get another opinion. There are too many people being overlooked because of their age.As we all know, cancer doesn't only choose olderpeople. If for nothing, peace of mind. Hopefully, it's nothing but why take chances! Keep in touch! I'd like to know what happens! HUGS!! Cathy
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    Hi, my suggestion is to go to as many doctors as you can until one is willing to do something about it. or if you are stuck with the same doctor force him or her to do something about it RIGHT NOW. I found out through my experience that a doctor can NOT refuse a patient's request. so they have to do something about it if you ask them too. And unfortunately, i found out the hard way, i am only 25, and it took me more than a year to get diagnosed. i went to the same doctors over the year and they all told me to go home because i was too young, and i was refused of a mammograph and biopsy. so today i have breast cancer at stage 3B. So.....PLEASE....don't wait. i am very persistent about my sister and my mom too because they both are feeling lumps in their breasts. If you need a specialist's name email me at [email protected]. let me know how things are going.
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    i would definately tell her to get a second opinion!! the lump may not be anything to worry about but why risk it. i'm finding out that YOU have to be aggressive because sometimes your doc won't be unless YOU make him/her. after my 1st round of chemos mine didn't want to do any testing to check for mets. (didn't think it was necessary) i talked him into a PET scan that revealed a place in my stomach and on my spine. please keep us posted. vicki
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    Hi, I to had DCIS and going the whole 9 yards, lumpectomy,radiation and chemo.Please have her get another opinion. If it is a cyst they can aspirate, if its nothing that's great. The micro calcifications can be digitaly enhanced so they can be read better. Some ins. Co. don't cover that, for me it was $25.00 , no big deal. DO NOT LET HER WAIT 6 MONTH.Keep us posted.God Bless.
    Love Emmi
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    With the family history I am shocked the doctor would risk not doing further tests. It sounds like trouble to me. She sould either press that doctor or go to someone else with more "common sense". The tiny microcalcifications on my mammogram were stage II ... pursue, pursue, pursue. Jamie
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    Yes they should be taking this more seriously I think. I am sick of hearing stories about women who have been told to go home and not worry about it when in fact they are in pain or have trouble even walking. Far too many times these same women have found out sometime later that they are loaded with cancer and doctors don't understand how someone could of missed it. Not only that but the same woman was told she was just suffering osteoparosis when in fact she had a fracture in her back. I think we can all come up with enough instances of neglect that we all know they can make mistakes. I too would be demanding further diagnostic testing, I had a surgeon who even wanted to leave a few lumps in my healthy breast. When in fact a doctor left the first lump I had diagnosed fibrous cyst and it spread to the lymphnodes so you can imagine the horror I felt when he said we should just leave these ones. Instead I had the breast removed after the 4th lump because no one could say it wouldn't change into cancer especially after what I had been through already. I was 36 at time of diagnosis too young for cancer of coarse. Maybe had they caught it in the first lump I wouldn't have had to go through all I had and still suffer with the side affects. When is it doctors will really think about the person instead of the criteria we must fall under. Their criteria often times stinks. Your sister has to do what she has to do to feel comfortable about the life she is leading and able to look forward to the future endevors. Your a very good sister to care as much as you do and I have a sister who has the lumps and is told the same thing your sister is being told. It is everywhere.
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    Thank you for your candid responses. I am going to bundle them up and email them to my sister this evening.
    I will let you know how it goes and what she learns when she presses for more answers.
    Thank you for caring!