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After my mastectomy last August I had the Becker expander/implant put in. This is to eliminate the second surgery for having the permanent implant. One stop shopping so to speak. Here it is nine months later and I still have the filler port still in. Anyone else with one of these? I thought my artificial breast would be a little softer than what it is. We lovingly call it my Bionic Boob. It is so firm. Is this how everyone else feels? I guess I need to hear from someone with implants to see how theirs feels. I also want to say that I took part in my first annual Mother's Day 5K Walk-Run for the Cure in Pittsburgh. What an experience. Over 3,000 survivors all in PINK. Over 39,000 participants total. I made it the 3 miles walking. A little sore the next few days but it was worth it. If you have the opportunity to do one of it.

To anyone reading this who has breast cancer, consider yourself blessed as I do. We are still here talking about it and on our way to recovery. God bless you all.


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    Hi. I had Mentor expander/implants inserted 11/01 at the time of my mastecomies. The ports were removed 4/16/02. My plastic surgeon intentionally over filled the implants over the course of 4 months and then tapped off some of the saline a few weeks later to help stretch the skin give a softer feel. They were sure firm for those few weeks! I thought the left one was still a little more firm than the right and had him remove a little more (5 cc). That small amount made a huge difference. While they are still firmer than "God givens" they aren't too bad - so I'm told by people who hug me as well as my own touch. Could you be overfilled? I don't know about Becker expender/implants but hope this might be helpful. How long will your ports be left in? Hang in there. Congrats on your Walk. Julie
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    Hi Kathie,
    I also have the same implants you have. I have been looking for someone who has them also. I only just started the filling process, but they definitely are firm. I am going to 400cc's, and I am only at 175cc right now. What do you have inside. I have the combo silicone/saline mix. Did you have your nipples put on yet, because my plastic surgeon said he will take the ports out during that surgery. Also I agree with possibly taking some of the saline out. When was your last fill? My left one is definitely firmer than the right. I keep massaging them, I heard this helps sometimes. How come they put those kind in you? I had to have them because the other ones had a magnetic port, and I have a defibrillator, so that would cause major problems. Are you in a study? I have to be for 5 years, because of them. Oh well take care.