19 years old when diagnosed with cc

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I am 21 yrs old and in remission with colon cancer. When I was 3 months pregnant, my son, put pressure on the polyp and caused severe bleeding. Thats when they found the cancer. I chose to wait until my son was born and then have the surgery. (the doctors tried to do the surgery when I was 6mnths pregnant but couldn't)Went back to surgery and found out it had spread into the lymph nodes (1 of 4). I took 8 mnths of chemo with 5fu and leukavorin, no radiation. Only has been 8 months since chemo but looking good. If it does come back, I think I will try a clinical trial! Is there anyone who knows anybody with the same situation or was as young as I was.


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    How is the baby?
    I was not that young, I was 23. I too am in remission. Mine was discovered because my mom had gone thru it 1 year prior, so when I went in to my doctor with rectal bleeding, he did not hesitate. I did the chemo thing and so far I have been ok. I dont know much about the Trials, but you should check things out first.
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    I was diagnosed with colon cancer this summer, at age 20. One day there was some rectal bleeding, so I had a CT scan and a colonosocopy, then surgery to remove a tumor days later. The cancer was removed before I really even knew I had it. It had spread to a lymph node (1 of 34), but I was surprised how quickly everything happened. In just one month I went from near perfect health to recovering from major surgery to remove a third of my colon. I just started my second stage of chemo, which is mentally difficult for me, especially because I am in college, trying to finish school while on chemo. Does anyone have advice to get through those tougher days?