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Hi all - I am new to the group.

male age 61 - non-smoker for almost 20 years but was diagnosed in Jan, 2001 with a tumor in right lung the size of a grapefruit. At the time it was discreet and isolated to right side only. No other cancer in family history.

Elected simultaneous Taxol weekly chemo and daily radiation for six weeks to shrink prior to surgery. However, contracted radiation induced pneumonia and needed seven weeks on Prednizone to cure.

During this time, small nodule appeared on left side and surgery proved it was a spinoff, which made the original tumor - now down to the size of a nut - inoperable.

Followed up with full series of Gemzar treatments, then eight more Taxotere. However, most recent Cat Scan shows the major tumor is still growing and we are looking for a new formula.

Anyone else in the same boat???
Tom O


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    Hang in there. We are all in the same boat. Some of us have just be issued different sized and types of paddles.
    Use this website for research and arm yourself with knowledge. Someone will see your note and respond I'am sure but I would be happy to fill in at anytime. (prostate Cancer).
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    I was,except they did the operations after all the other stuf.Why cant they do sergery ? BOB Z
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    They used two different chemo drugs on me. My small cell lung cancer was removed by surgery with is not recommended but was done due to not being able to get to it for a biopsy except by doing a lung resection and testing the tumor after removal of that part of the lung. It was found to be small cell carcoma. I received six months of Cisplatin and CPT-11. My newest oncologist told me that I was ahead of my time and that the report of the findings of the success of CPT-ll for sclc had just been released and they looked good. I was blessed by God to remain here because it was found so early.