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My name is Ruth and have just completed my AC chemo tx and start radiation today. I would like to find someone to talk with that has gone through this and also help me with financial advise and help with the workplace.

God bless to all


  • bullfrog13
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    Hi ruth..I finished 35 treatment of radiation... at the end of March... i was n chemo and radiation at the same time.. feel lucky you get to fisning one before starting another.. good luck with it all..!! email me at if you want to talk about it more..
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    Hi Ruth...I'm afraid the only thing I can help with is radiation...I didn't have chemo, and don't work outside the home. But, I certainly want to welcome you to the have found a very supportive place where you can say anything. Your radiation should go fairly smoothly, although, some women who had chemo first get a little more fatigue from the treatments. My fatigue hit about half-way, but was manageable....just a 30 minute to 1 hr. nap in the afternoon, and I was good to go. I got fairly pink, and had some peeling, but the over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream, and the Aquaphor ointment the radiation onc gave me helped a lot. I am 6 months post-tx, and am all healed, although the skin on the affected breast is a little thicker, and has a different feel to it. Please let us know how you are managing the treatments, and I hope you get some answers on the financial and job questions. God bless....Cyndi [email protected]
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    Hi Ruth,
    My name is Carlye and I am 37 years old, dx with BC in sept.2001, with stage 2 2.2 cm tumor er/pr pos and her-2 pos. I have completed 6 rounds of ac, then did 30 rads, now I am in the middle of taxol. I would love to talk to you anytime, sounds like you are on the same protocol. Email me anytime at [email protected]
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    Hi Ruth, I just finished Radiation on 4/30/02, start chemo (CMF) this thursday. My second time around. Radiation was not bad, got a little tired the last 2 weeks. Got pink and had some peeling but not bad. The Aquaphor ointment from my onc. helped. They gave me a whole bunch of samples. Presently I am off work, but hope to work during chemo on the days when I am not sick. I will get chemo 2 weeks in a row, 2 weeks off. Don't know how its gonna go with work ??? I do have insurance. Hope this helps a little. I wish you the best. God bless you.
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    Hi Ruth, I had AC chemo and then 6 weeks of radiation last year. The radiation didn't affect me at all. I had my treatments every morning at 8 am and went right to work after that. I found work kept me and my mind busy. If I ever got tired, I was lucky I was able to close my office door and take a little 20 minute nap which did wonders. My breast got pink half way through and peeled. I used cortisone cream which helped. One year later my breast skin feels slightly thicker and my nipple is a different shade from the other. I couldn't wait to get those horrible ink lines off my body. They kept remarking me every day. I wore black undershirts under my clothes so as not to ruin anything, the stuff wears off as you sweat. Take each day, good luck and email me if you have any other questions at [email protected]....... Carol