Newly Diagnosed -- Support for spouses

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I was diagnosed on Wednesday, May 8, with papillary thyroid cancer. Surgery is not scheduled until the end of the month. I need my husband to let me be supportive of him just as he is supportive of me as we go through this ordeal. He doesn't want to talk. Any suggestions? I really need him to open up to me so that I can move on. CAthy


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    My name is Geri. I have had thyroid cancer twice now within a 10yr period. The best thing you can do is to physically be present for appointments. Eventually he will come around and your presence will not go unnoticed.
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    Why won't he talk? For what it's worth...I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 1983 and 1988...and here I am talking to you. Eveyone's story is different...and everyone's story is the same.