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I had my thyroid removed 4/29. On 5/2 I experienced severe tetany. I could not speak or move any muscles in my face or hands. It was like I was temporarily paralysed. My calcium levels were above 7, but the fix was IV calcium. I was re-admitted to the hospital and ok withing 3 days. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I am now preparing for my scan and radiation. Does anyone have any advice?


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    Hi Chrisl,
    I read your bio and saw that you have two small children. I have three young children, and it does present some problems during treatment. I have had many doctor problems, too. Thyroid cancer is fairly rare, and as one survivor told me, sometimes you will end up educating your own doctor. Find out everything you can prior to radiation. The American Cancer Society gave me the best imformation, but you should also check into your states rules on administering radioactive iodine. I was seperated from my children for one week, three times. It was horrible. I knew they needed me and were struggling with my cancer, but I could not be there. Since then, I have a new, wonderful endocrinologist who has informed me that California (my state)has relaxed the rules on radioactive iodine. I could have taken only one dose of the radiation and had my children home within two or three days. This issue is debated, but check with the hospital where you will have the treatment, because it differs with each hospital. Some of us have suffered unneccesarily, and we can only avoid this through educating ourselves. Also, you might like to know that following your initial body scan to check for tumors and remaining thyroid tissue, you can be checked yearly through a blood test instead of another scan. The advantage of this is that you do not have to go off your meds for the blood test! Good luck to you and your family.