Understanding Your Breast Pathology Report

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Hi everyone! I'd like to share a wonderful website that shows actual path slides of all the various types of breast cancer and abnormal growth. Very educational!


  • cruf
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    Hi! What a great website! I wish I knew about it 2 years ago. Thanks for sharing it with us! HUGS!! Cathy
  • csgossard
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    What a great site...very informative and helpful in understanding exactly what pathology report means. Thanks a load for the info!
  • jmears
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    Great information. I am going to go back and pull out my report. I had a lot of questions that I never understood about it ... not that my DR didn't explain well ... I was just overwhelmed at the time. Thanks so much!! Jamie
  • susanpecq
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    Thanks for sharing. This is an EXCELLENT site. I think I might finally understand my pathology report!
  • samari
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    This is an excellent site - thanks so much for sharing it with us all
  • nasa2537
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    Thanks for the info...I'll go check it out. I've always been interested in what Dr's actually see. Best wishes, Cyndi