Stage IV

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Not that I think one is any less than the other, however I do think I understand the meaning of cancer staging, but I am posting this message because I would like to talk with someone who has Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. Is it all doom and gloom? Is there hope? Or lets just share experiences. I can be found at Thank you and God Bless all of those living with the "whispering" cancer. Heidi


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    It isn't all doom and gloom.. My mom just finished 8 chemo treatments and surgery for Stage IV Ovarian Cancer.. She's currently in REMISSION :) She just turned 50 and even though we fear it will come back, it can always be treated again.. Pleaes stay positive. There are other stories of women who have survived Stage IV on (two women in Florida). Please read it because it's very inspirational. It's one of the reasons I was able to cope the last 8 months with my Mom's disease.. Knowing there's hope is the best thing for me.. Hopefully it will be for you too..!!! Have a great week!!