Father died of pancreatic cancer

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My father died this past December of pancreatic cancer. How does a 20-year-old daughter come to grips with this?


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    I am 28 years old and my father also lost his fight with this horrendous cancer on Dec. 18, 2002. Today it has been only two months since his death and I can say that the only thing keeping me going is that my father gave us a sign that he went to a good place. God didn't give us a miracle and cure him but let us know that my father went to a peaceful place away from his pain. The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that we will meet again. Before this I really doubted whether God or heaven existed. My Dad let us know by giving us a big smile! You really can feel them with you sometimes. Love is just so powerful.
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    My father also passed away on April 9, 2002. He was 52 years old and had very young grandchildren. The best way I found to deal with this was to look to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for comfort. I know my daddy is in heaven and waiting for me. The day before my father went into coma I prayed with him and after the prayer I looked at my dad and said, "God is gonna take care of us, you go ahead and go if you have to". My dad said to me, "Yes He will son". That was the last thing my father said to me and he passed away the next day. Its okay to miss him but I know he's in a better place and no longer in pain. Its hard to lose your Dad but look at it and see if your dad would want you to be sad and miserable or would he want you to go on with your life? Look to the Lord for direction and He will guide you.
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    I am a father (52) and grandfather of two.I also have pancriatic cancer.(diagnosed in march).Ijust want you to know that your father did not want to leave you as I dont want to go but at least we have time to say all the things we never seem to be able to say when there isnt a deadline to our life.cherish the time time God gave at the end to enjoy each other and remember he's still with you in your heart. good luck in the future. Mike B.