Benign mammo!!!

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Hi all...I want to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support leading up to my 1st post-treatment mammo. It was so nice to know thaat the anxiety was means more to hear that from someone who has been there. Just letting you all know I got a call the day after themammo to tell me it was benign!! I cried like a much anxiety was just lifted away. Thanks again for your support! Cyndi


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    Yes who doesn't worry when there is a possiblity something could be wrong. I am so happy prayers have been heard and you can now consentrate on life at hand. We all need to do more living in the moment instead of the should of could of and would ofs that seem to follow when worry apart of the equation. Enjoy................
    So happy for you,
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    Great news, so glad for you...keep in touch.
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    So glad to hear the good news!!!!!
    God Bless
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    CONGRATS !!! It has to be so scarey to go for the first mammo, I have mine coming up next month and as it gets closer I will be a wreck too...It will be the first since my dx..I'm so happy for you. Best of Luck and God Bless. karin