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Mom has small cell lung cancer that has spread to the brain and the liver. Other than that, she is a really healthy woman. She is receiving rather aggressive chemo for three days every three weeks. The first round of this she tolerated well. She has completed the second round and it really knocked her down...the fatigue is overwhelming to her, she is freezing cold all the time and nothing tastes right or good. Until now, she hasn't lost weight but that is now beginning because nothing she likes looks, smells or tastes good. The other complication to this is the depression that seems to grow in line with the fatigue and the bad tastes.
Any suggestions on how to counter this loss of taste and weight loss? Also, any information regarding how long these effects will last would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi. My husband has had the exact same responses to chemo. When he was first diagnosed (3 years ago), he said things tasted like grease. !? He said that the only thing that tasted good was fresh fruit: period. That, in turn, got us going on milk shakes. If Mom drinks low cal milk, STOP it and start buying whole milk. Same with ice cream, buy the premium stuff with the highest butter fat content. Cancer changes the body's metabolism and not much changes this, i.e., it's out of your hands. BUT, if she craves anything at all, and I mean anything, GET IT!!!
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    Im a 10 year surviver,What you discribe is par for the course.I found baked potatos with differant types of toppings will work,also milk shakes with ENSURE mixed in.Because she gets tired dont let her slip into,all I want to do is rest mode///Get her up an keep her moving.Sitting around is the worse thing////Lots of luck