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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March2002. My annual PSA jumped from 2.5 last year to 4.2. Gleason is 6.0 rating is T2A. I am trying to determine which treatment I want to select. At the moment I am leaning toward seed implantation. Would like to hear from others and why they selected the treatment they did. Thanks


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    First of all I would suggest a reliable and prominent second opinion. I was diagnosed a year ago Jan. and elected to have a prostectomy. My surgeon, Dr. Joseph Smith, at Vanderbilt Clinic did what I would consider a superb surgery. Surgery was performed March 29, 2001.

    The primary reason I elected to have surgery vs. seed implantation was I wanted to get rid of the cancer for sure, and the only way to insure that was thru surgery. Also, the fact that once seed implantation had occurred, there was no option of surgery in the future, if the cancer returned. Within three weeks of surgery I was working part-time and returned to full duty in four weeks. I have had no problem with "leakage" and have been able to resume full sexual activity, without assistance. For me the surgery was relatively painless and once the catheter was removed could resume almost all activities, with the exception of lifting for a short period of time.

    I have never regretted my decision to have surgery and would recommend that method of treatment, if the second opinion confirms the initial diagnoses.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

    P.s. I was 58 years old when I had surgery.
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    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Decembre 2001, and had surgery on February 12th, 2002. I have listed my trial and tribulations under "Another Surgery Story" George 51. I had the surgery,
    #1. I am only 51 years old.
    #2. The cancer was confined to the prostate, and in theory, if I removed the prostate, the cancer would be cured.
    #3. Radiation Oncologist recommended surgery over radiation. He felt that this offered the best chance of cure, for the above reason. Also, if you have radiation first, surgery no longer becames a viable option. Most surgeons will not operate after radiation because of too much damage to surrounding tissue due to radiation burning.
    #4. After meeting with Radiation oncology I met with my surgeon and after discussion of radiation he advised surgery also.
    I did and still have incontinence. My catheter was removed March 4th.
    This is not an endorsement of surgery, only the series of events that led to my decision, and what my condition is currently.
    Good Luck with your decision.
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    PSA jumped from 2.5 to 7.62 with Gleason of 6.0
    Elected to have seed implant - Jan 9th, 2002
    Now we begin the psa testing and waiting.
    You may not be an acceptable patient for seed implant due to your pelvic physical make-up. You might want to pursue the question with your doctor to determine IF you are able to have seed implantation.
    To answer your question however, I am 57, going on 58. Urogolist and Oncologist believed that the cancer was isolated in the prostate. I had 3 months of hormone before and after the seed implantation.
    Reason for such as I understand it was that the cancer thrives on testostrone which the therapy eliminates. Shrinks the prostrate and supposedly makes the cancer cells more sensitive to the radiation.
    Since my prostrate shrunk greatly, it was determined that 55 seeds was the max needed verse over a 100 normally for a full sized prostrate.
    Will answer any questions you may have regarding my experience but the ultimate decision must be one that you make and one which you and your family understand the potential side affects.
    Joe Nutter