18/F with ALL leukemia, wanted to see if anyone has the same.... :O)

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My name is Stephanie and I'm 18. I've been recently diagnosed with leukemia. I was just wondering for anyone who might be going through the same thing if you'd like to e-mail me so we can chat. You can either e-mail on here, or on AOL at StefA03@aol.com. Looking forward to hearing from anyone. I love to talk and discuss experiences... :O)


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    Hi Stephanie! I am a Cancer Survivor (tho not your version)..and have been cancer free for three years. I also like to chat, and if you would like to e-mail me: cstarkua00@alumni.albany.edu
    I'd love to hear from you any time
    Charley...(PS..best time to catch me in chat is 3-5PM EDT weekdays!)