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Hi - I am so glad to find this group! I looked for support groups several times when I was first diagnosed and never could find anything - I guess because this cancer is considered rare. I always said I wanted to stand out from the crowd but this was not what I had in mind!!

I was diagnosed with anal cancer in August of 1997. It took 6 doctors, 10 months and 2 colonoscopies to find a tumor that was only about 1" inside! I was given the Niger Technique treatment of radiation and chemo (1st week and last week only), suffered the same terrible radiation burns I see in your messages and have been cancer-free for 5 years this coming August!

The main side effect I had was bowel control which nearly made me a hermit. I lived from toilet to toilet - this was so bad that, at times, I could not make it from the mail box to the house. I was ready to have a colonectomy (spelling?) - anything to lead a more normal life.

Once again it was a matter of finding the right doctor. Several physicians, including my oncologist, made referrals to surgeons for a colonectomy. I made one last try with a new gastroenterologist (spelling??) who said he thought this might be irritable bowel syndrome. He was right! I take the several IBS prescribed drugs and am now as near normal as I will ever be.

None of the physicians I've seen have mentioned anything about a connection to HVP.

Sorry for the long post but it was so nice to find others who understood.


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    I hope this mesages finds you well. It seems it has been a while since you posted a message on the ACS website.

    I am curious as to how life is going for you now? Would you prefer not to talk about it or does it help to talk?

    I was diagnosed in Sept 02, completed my treatments 1 month ago (chemo and radiation) and I now await the results of the therapy. I will have CT scan this week along with a scope.

    Emotions are the challenge at this point and I would be welcome to any suggestions. Because I am female, the chemo drugs pushed me into menopause so I am dealing with that as well. I am sure this will account for some of the ups and downs.

    Did you attend any local support groups or see a therapist to help you through the emotions? Thanks for reading, Mel
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    I live like a hermit because of the bathroom to bathroom thing and would love to know what the doctor gave you for this. The only thing they gave me was Lomotil and I took 8 pills a day for years, now I just stay home. So any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.