Hello to all of you out there.

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I'm new and would love to chat with someone,about any and everything.


  • judy22
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    Hi my name is Judy. I have had ca. for 5 yrs. Would love to chat. My e-mail address is [email protected]
  • 24242
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    I think you will find a wonderful group of women willing to share their experiences. I think we all would like to think by talking and supporting each other we can help others going through the horrors of this disease. Seeing the length of survivals out here has to be an insperation to many. Keep up the good fight ladies.
    Being good to ourselves the key,
  • nasa2537
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    Welcome to the group! You will find a lot of support here. Rather than type all my stuff out, you can go read my profile page. I would be glad to talk, either here, or via e-mail. Where are you at in your treatment, and how is it going? Let me hear from you...Cyndi [email protected]
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    Hello, I am Cathy, would love to chat, my email is [email protected] (one year survivor)
  • britchick356
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    Ask away, someone here has had the same thing. you can email me, [email protected]