Cysts biopsied?

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. Last January, my doctor felt a lump in my left breast(mammo 2 months before came back normal) and scheduled an ultrasound. It was found in the "1-3 o'clock" positions that I have 5 cysts---2 that are a little over 2 cm and 3 very small. Next a surgeon had the 2 larger cysts aspirated(with ultrasound guidance)and fluid extracted was clear and normal. The surgeon wants to see me again in 6 months(July) and have another ultrasound to determine if the cysts fill up with fluid again. I'm new to all this "breast-testing" and am wondering if this is normal procedure? Does having a group of cysts in one area of the breast make future testing more difficult? If I don't have any of the these cysts removed, when my GP gives me my next clinical breast exam will he send me back to the surgeon if he feels these same cysts even though he has all the reports from previous tests showing the cysts are benign? Please share your input.


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    Hi Belinda,
    I think you have a marvilous doctor who is going to keep such an eye on your cysts. At 36 I found my fibrous cyst by the experts diagnosis and no scans, no biopsies necessary. Watch for it to change something it never did until it was needle biopsied then it hurt like hell and started to spread. Little did I know that the lump in the armpit that had grown in one week could be the cancer spreading since I had a fibrous cyst. Well 6 months later after initial diagnosis I had another lump yet they still felt less than 10% chance it could be cancer with my paternal grandmother suffering the with the same disease. Surprise to the doctors but not me, I knew I had cancer. Had there been any diagnositc testing done at my initial find I might have been given an early diagnosis. But if you don't look you definetly won't find.
    I think all you can wish for is a doctor like your's. I think having one who voices on the side of caution will be your best advocate. After my cancer diagnosis and treatments it wasn't long till I was back at my GP's being watched by him. No further scans, if I had problems I knew I could always go back to cancer clinic something I have done now on two seperate occations due to side affects I have had from treatments. You definetly have them on your side.
    Be good to yourself,