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My name is cathy and I was diagnosed with stage 2 BC in Feb 2002. I had a mastectomy of my rt breast on March 11, 2002. My lymph nodes were clear I did not chose to take chemo and am presently taking arimidex and paxil for hot flashes (hasn't worked yet). I am 55 yrs old and would like to e-mail with someone in a similar situation. thanks!


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    Hi Cathy! My name is also Cathy. I'm 50 and was Dx with DCIS in July of 2000. You can read my bio. I didn't have chemo or radiation. I've taken Tamoxifen since Oct. 2000 and the only side effect has been hot flashes and night sweats. Would love to chat if you'd like. You can e-mail me here or at [email protected]. I check my mail a few times a day. Take care. HUGS!! Cathy
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    I didnt know that chemo was a choice.........
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    I didnt know that chemo was a choice.........

    Some doctors say skip the chemo if the nodes are clear. Other doctors say do the chemo even with clear nodes because breast cancer can be a systemic disease even when it appears nodes are clear and tumor gone. There is the possibility of cells traveling via the blood stream and skipping the nodes at first.

    Treatment is always a choice.

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    Hi my name is Judy I am 48 yrs. old. I had BC in 1997. I also had a mastectomy of yhe right breast. I was not as luckly. My lymph nodes were pos. In 1999 it came back in the liver. I still have the hot flashes and so far nothing has worked for me. If you find something let me know. If you want to chat e= mail me at [email protected] Judy
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    Hi Cathy! I'm 43, had Stage 1, lumpectomy and radiation, and now tamoxifen. Not quite the same situation, but wanted to welcome you to the group, and wish you well. Keep us posted about the hot flashes and night sweats are absolutely horrid! I'm glad I'm alive to feel them, but they really don't have to be that severe as far as I'm concerned! I see my oncologist the 7th, so may discuss that with her. A lot of women in my support group keep telling me the hot flashes subside after about the first year. We can only hope! Best wishes to you! Cyndi
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    I didnt know that chemo was a choice.........

    You know, I think it depends on your oncologist. We have one in town who saw a friend of mine, gave her 10 minutes of general cancer info and said chemo was up to her. When she asked if she HAD to have it, he said "Well, let's put it in didn't really HAVE to have surgery if you didn't want to." What a jerk!!!! I took her to my oncologist, and she showed her the cancer she had in a text book, and then told her they don't recommend chemo for her kind of cancer til it's over 3 cm. So, she would have had it, and gone through all those side effects for nothing. I think it really depends on the type of cancer and stage, too. I was told that if it didn't make at least a 3% difference in your chance of survival, then because of the side effects, they usually don't recommend it. But, if it would give you a 2.5% difference in chance of survival, I think you might be able to choose to have it anyway. Treatment is so individualized...hard to keep track of, I guess. Just some input...just rambling....
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    Hello cathy my name is cathy also, i tried effexor in a low dose and had to increase in threefold, plus add belaspas at night. Finally relief from the hot flashes. I am 45.
    my email is [email protected]
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    Hi, my mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer a week ago. We still don't know details yet. She will know on thurs of this week. I am very scared for her. she really feels alone in this. She has the whole family for support but I'm sure she would appreciate some conversation with someone going through the same thing. She is 57 years old. I thought maybe you could contact her through email. Her email is [email protected] She is a wonderful woman and I'm sure she will appreciate this. Thank you.