carcinoma in situ

Hi, I hope that someone can help me, I am not sure if I am even in the right place,considering my doctor said I no longer have the cancer since he took out my cervix. I had just had a pap done before my scheduled hysterectomy. It came back off, and he said that since he was taking out my cervix anyway they would biopsy it after removal. When he got the path report back he said I have cured you of two things, endometriosis and cancer. I was freaked out as I didn't even know it was there until after surgery. Now I know there is NO cure for endo, so my question is even though this was a carcinoma in situ, will I be more likely to get some other cancer now? My mother and both her parents have died of some kind of cancer. And now I am really scared. Any help or advice you could give will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading my novel.


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    Hi, I'm not a physician, but my understanding is that if it is Carcinoma in Situ, it can be completely removed. But you should get a second opnion. Get a copy of all your medical records, surgical notes and pathology reports; then schedule a consultation with the best Gyn-Oncologist you can find! Even if you had to pay a few hundred $$ for a consultation, it would be worth your peace of mind (or your life)!

    My doctor has told me that having cervical cancer does not mean that I am more likely to have other cancers. But I've heard other things, too. Maybe you should look into genetic testing to see if you have any of the mutations that are connected with other cancers?