After Cone Bioposy be Vigilant

I had a cone biopsy in 1987 (at 34) that was both diagonistic and curative. So my ob/gyn said. Each year after that I had a Paps and every few years a mammogram. Had an easy menopause in 1994, no trouble, so I figured I was healthy. In late 1998 I was diagnosed with stage 2B cervical cancer, just a few months after my last Paps. I was sent to a gynocolgical oncologist and he said my body (immune system) handled the virus for those years very well, it didn't even show up in the Paps, but it is the same cancer that the cone biopsy was supposed to eradicate. He said the Human Pappilloma(Paps) virus a sexually transmitted disease is what causes the cells to change. That's why we have Paps, to see how much they have changed and when action is needed... Going from dysplasia to full Cancer is a slow process. But there was a marker, that caused it to spread so rapidly this many years later. I was taking three months of hormone replacement therapy in 1998 when I was diagnosed, and had lost 40 pounds.. I think it was the Provera and O-Gen that caused this to spread and multiply so quickly. Any way I finished chemo and internal and external radiation treatments 2 1/2 years ago, and doing very well. Question---Does anyone know what the most common markers are?