need to start treatment

pz26 Member Posts: 4

i was diagnosed with nhl about a year ago through a routine mamogram...i had absoluely no symptoms...i went to mamorial sloan kettering and was told to get periodic ct scans and checkups and wait a while to start treatment since there is no cure for this tpe and they like to delay treatment untio there are symptons presetn, or an organ is being interfered with...

about 2 months ago, i developed a very bad head the end of the colkd, my head felt clogged and my hearing was terrible..i went to an ent dr and he looked in my nose and said i had a blockage in the canal of tissue which he felt could be lymphoma..i had a biopsy and sure enough it was..

my dr at sloan said i need to start treatment but would like me to bein a clinical phase 2 study with the drug ps-341..which shows a lot of promise but is experimental...i don't know what to do....

any feedback would be appreciated.i am a 55 year old mother of 2...