Going for reconstruction in two days!!!

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Hello,I was just needing to vent my fears! I am having a expander put in Tues. a.m., I am very scared but I really want it done and over with, I heard its very painful,any advice ???? Please keep me in your prayers. God Bless . Karin


  • nolongerann
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    I am so excited for you. You will be in my prayers. You go girl!
  • 24242
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    Being good to yourself is what is most important. I think doing what we need to do for ourselves is the best we can do for ourselves. You know what to expect, the first couple days the worst. After that it is up from there, ever after. Get lots of rest,
    Close at heart,
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    I had an expander put in 8 mos. ago. I am waiting for my radiation to be completed before I get my implants and will have it removed. The expander was very painful post-op. Make sure you have your nurse be prompt for any pain meds. Hopefully you will have a great nurse to tend to your needs. After the placement of the expander, it has been bothersome to the degree of knowing it is there and feeling it in the chest. It is sometimes hard for me to lie on the side of the expander, but I do anyway, because I like to cuddle my hubby on his side of the bed! Nothing is going to stop me from doing that! I do hope all goes well for you. You can email me anytime. pkkoller@nuwavenet. com
    God Bless always,
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    Dear Karin,
    I had an expander put in at the same time as
    my mastectomy. I've had no problems, just some soreness. It's a little bid wider than I expected (It is wider than the final implant will be) and I will go for my first fill in 1 1/2 weeks, after my mastectomy incision has healed. No real problems with comfort. Good luck to you, since based on your message you've already had surgery. You are in my prayers. CherylF